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About us

The Teddy Bear Daycare is an English language daycare, preschool and afternoon club. We offer early childhood education and preschool for children aged 3–6.

We want to offer the whole family a successful customer experience!

Early childhood education
In addition to language immersion, we offer high-quality early childhood education in a cozy and safe environment. Our customers are ordinary families who want their children in a small, home-like kindergarten and give their child the gift of readiness for functional language use as well as motivation and a positive attitude towards language learning.

In our daycare, we use the language immersion method, which means that the entire early childhood education pedagogy takes place in English. Learning takes place on the child's terms, and the child uses the language according to their own abilities and desires.
For us, high-quality early childhood education means the following:
  • small groups
  • teachers committed to their work, no staff turnover
  • plenty of versatile activities for all ages
  • caring and unhurried day with the children
  • genuine participation, listening and consideration of the children and their families
  • trained and educated staff
  • openness and cooperation with parents
  • a happy, relaxed, comfortable, conversational atmosphere
  • investment in wide-ranging competence and deep knowledge of the early childhood plan
  • a multi-professional and multicultural work community that shares the same value base, positive pedagogy
Preschool education
With us, your child has the opportunity to complete a high-quality, free preschool year in a small group (7 max) in a safe environment under the guidance of our qualified preschool teacher. Preschool can be attended without an entrance exam and your child does not have to have an English-speaking background.
Afternoon club
In the afternoon club, we use the language immersion method. A qualified teacher and instructor are responsible for afternoon activities.
Our values
An important value of our daycare center is to consider the participation of children and their guardians in the planning, implementation and evaluation of full-time early childhood education pedagogy.
Our early childhood staff is combined of different nationalities, diverse experience in early childhood education both in Finland and abroad, and various qualifications in the field of education.

Feedback from our customers

"A big thank you for your work and for being such an important part of our family's daily life and its smooth running."
"Small group sizes and dedicated caregivers who do their work with passion are a very positive thing and not at all a given in today's world."
"We feel that Teddy truly has the vision that children are individuals and a great wealth, and their growth is sought to be supported in as diverse a way as possible."
"Theatre, library and swimming trips are a natural part of the daycare's daily routine and not just once-a-year special events."
"We cherish the days spent at Teddy and its safe adults as well as its daycare friends. I could say that our child's place at Teddy is enough to keep us in Lahti for the coming years."
"At Teddy Bear, there is an incredibly active organization of amazing activities, programs, and attention to the children on an individual level."
"As a parent, I really enjoy the Facebook updates through which we receive photos and videos of the day's and week's events. Additionally, the information reaches us through Facebook at any time."
"Only good things to say from years of experience. A small daycare with a friendly staff. We have been very satisfied and our child is always excited to come to daycare!"
"Our children love being there and, what is most important, the teachers don't constantly change, if at all."
"The parents are also taken into consideration. For example, the Mother's Day and Father's Day breakfast with the children is a nice event."
"Kiitos laadukkaasta päivähoidosta. Lapsi tulee päiväkotiin mielellään. Päiväkodilla on aina mukava tunnelma."

Over 20 years of experience

The Teddy Bear Daycare was founded in Lahti in 2000.
The daycare has 32 daycare places with 28 afternoon care places, both of which operate in their own premises.

20 cultural trips
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