Frequently asked questions
Below you can read our frequently asked questions and answers. If you can't find an answer to your own question, feel free to contact us and we will help you out.
Can I receive support from KELA?
Yes, you can apply for KELA's support for day care, e.g. via this link.

Apply for KELA's support here


If I have more than one child in your daycare, can I get a discount?
Sibling discount (two or more children in full-time early childhood education) 50% discount on the second payment.


What are the group sizes?
With us, it is possible to enjoy language immersion in small groups of a maximum of seven children.


What does language immersion mean?
Language immersion means that the entire early childhood education pedagogy takes place in English. Learning takes place on the child's terms, and the child uses the language according to their own abilities and desires.


Does my child need to speak English to start?
Your child does not need to speak English to start at Teddy Bear. We start together from the beginning learning the basics through play and interaction. Our language immersion environment means that your child learns the new language day by day.


As a parent, do I need to speak English?
No you don’t. Our entire staff speak both English and Finnish. All information, ECEP and our daily communication can be handled in the language of your choice, Finnish or English.


What preschool materials do you use and can my child participate if they doesn't speak English yet?
Our preschool uses the Kummaa preschool material, as well as High Five! 1-2 material. The goal of the Kummaa preschool material is to maintain the child's natural wonder and curiosity through storytelling and learning by exploring. In the pre-school teaching material, broad-based competence, media education and multi-literacy, as well as science and technology education are especially taken into account. The most important starting points in preschool education are play, working together, interaction, equality and respect for differences. The High Five! material inspires children to actively explore the English language and culture. English is learned holistically by using the different senses! The proportion of activities in English in pre-school education is 80%.


Can I visit the kindergarten?
Absolutely! Book your family a visit by filling out the application, calling or sending us an email. You can also get to know Teddy Bear by following our Facebook and Instagram pages.